The Menu


Red Borscht - beetroot soup served with Polish style mince pastry £4.95
Soup of the day £3.95
Zurek - homemade soup with sausage and egg served in rye bread bowl £7.95
Sunday consomme £3.95
Every Sunday we serve a slow cooked, three meat consomme with homemade noodles


Smalec £5.50
An authentic Polish staple made with rendered pork fat flavoured with onion, garlic and spices. Served with homemade soured gherkins and crusty bread
Baltic sea herring Kashubian style £5.25
Cured herring fillets served with rich tomatoe sauce, onion and raisins
Crostini with mushrooms and cheese £5.50
Battered cauliflower florets £5.50
With sesame soy sauce

Main courses

Pierogi £9.50
traditional steamed dumplings stuffed with cottage cheese and potato
Crunchy potato pancakes with beef goulash and soured gherkins £12.95
Hunter bigos £10.50
stewed sour cabbage with Polish sausage, stewed pork, bacon and forest mushrooms
Vegan bigos £10.50
Stewed sour and young cabbage with chickpeas, forest mushrooms and onion
Ceasar salad £8.50
add grilled chicken £2.50
Pork schab £11.95
pan fried breaded pork schnitzel served with mashed potatoes and fried sour cabbage
Grilled pork neck £11.95
served with roast potatoes, coleslaw and garlic sauce
Pork chops Lublin style £11.95
pork escalope fried in egg and flour, served with mashed potatoes and cucumber salad
Swiss style stuffed chicken £11.95
Chicken breast stuffed witch cheese and ham, Served with mashed potato and salad of your choosing
Breaded chicken breast £10.95
Lightly seasoned, served with mashed potatoes and carrots
80z Beef steak £16.95
served with chips, grilled tomato and garlic butter
Fish of the day
Please ask your server for today's special


Stewed beetroot £2.00
Cabbage salad £2.00
Lightly fried carrot £2.00
Cucumber salad £2.00
Pickled cucumber £2.00
Fries £3.95
Mashed potatoes £2.00
Roast potatoes £2.95
Soured gherkins £2.00